Online friends…. one of the greatest things the world has given me♥

Through the years, I’ve known the most incredible people. You would never have guessed that someone could be so alike, so ‘at-your-level’. Online friendships can even be stronger than ones in person. Your bond with someone could be so strong, so empowering… it can be life changing ♥
Who knew you could have the same Interests, same struggles, similar personalities, etc. Who knew you could ever bond with someone so much you begin to love them… not even officially knowing/meeting them. ♥

Online friends are there for you when you have your rough nights, they’re there when you need a giggle, a fangirl explosion!, a rant, to be like a sibling ♥

My family is all around the world… I have not met them♥ spread out through countries, states, continents. We may be houses, streets, roads, states, tolls, countries, oceans, and continents apart… but you are the closest to me♥ you’re always with me in my heart. My #BVBArmy family, I hold you near and dear to me… despite the distance, I couldn’t ever love you any less ♥ you’re my absolute everything. And one day, I promise to meet my sisters, my brothers, my mommies, and fathers.! Lol you guys have played major roles in my life ♡ I have such strong faith and love for this family.

Internet friendships can change a lot…
Who knows? Your best friend could be in Connecticut or Michigan or Ohio or Australia! Who knows? You might meet your other half along the way♥

If someone shoots you down for having an online friendship or relationship, I want you to give them a big whopping ‘Fuck You’ ♥ you arent settling for what’s around
Unlike them, you’re reaching out to the world, you won’t be stuck in that small town forever ♥

I love you
Thank you for being the best people out there. Beautiful on the inside and out. I’m proud to say I don’t settle for less and that I know you. And one day, I want to meet Y-O-U! So get those hugs ready;)
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